Nov 10th: Day of Tradition

Nov 10th: Day of Tradition

Day of Tradition is right around the corner! Every year, on the 10th of November, it’s Day of Tradition in Argentina. This holiday is a recognition of our identity and a celebration of who we are as a country.

The celebration of the Day of Tradition became official in 1939 to honor the gaucho traditions in the Province of Buenos Aires. Without a doubt, this date became an homage an appreciation to all of Argentina’s traditions and particularly to the writer José Hernández, after whose birthday the holiday was declared.

In his works Martín Fierro (1872) and Martín Fierro’s Return (1879), José Hernández pays homage to the gaucho, one of the symbols of our national identity. His legacy remains relevant in our history and has been taken up as inspiration for the production of different works like the movies .

The Day of Tradition is the perfect opportunity to get closer to our customs and our identity: learn about gauchos, eat some traditional asado and empanadas and enjoy the company of a horse in the countryside!

To celebrate and honor Argentina’s traditions, spend a day like a true gaucho in our estancia!

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