Gaucho's Lifestyle

Nowadays, the gaucho still retains many of his customs, which can still be observed in his daily tasks at our Estancia.

Even though, he sometimes has to trade his horse for a tractor and his lasso for a telephone, his legendary traits, such as pride, loyalty and bravery can still be found in the Argentinian countryside.

Argentina Polo Day is an invitation to discover the ways and traditions of the cowboys from the Pampa.

Our Estancia

With over 42 hectares of vast grounds, Argentina Polo Day owns more than 100 horses for everyone to enjoy a day as gaucho in las pampas!

gaucho day

Many years ago, The Pulpería was the place where gauchos got together to have some drinks and give their horses a rest.

We have our Pulpería in the estancia, with the typical decoration and authentic atmosphere.

argentina experience

We share our mate. We share our barbecue table and Argentine wine with everyone who would like to enjoy this fantastic and unique Argentine Experience.

The farm also has two excellent quality approved polo fields, with paddocks for more than 100 horses, and all the necessary infrastructure for polo competitions at high level.

horse riding buenos aires

We love our horses. We care of them at its natural environment and in boxes. You could select to ride any of them depending on your riding level.

polo in argentina

Enjoy a day at a beautiful Estancia Argentina

Get on the Horse!

Argentina Polo Day is the perfect setup to experience a true Argentine Experience . We have excellent horses for you to ride along our trails.


Barbecue time!

Lunchtime is part of this incredible Argentina Experience, a complete barbeque that includes “asado”, a grilled selection of meat and beef, accompanied by premium argentine wines will make your day!

Be a Pro!

As an option for your already memorable day, you will have the chance to take a polo lesson. You will learn to ride a horse, hold the mallet and hit the ball.

You will finish your day playing polo in Argentina. Play Polo and Be a Polo Player.

We are in the Hall of Fame


We received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for 9 consecutive years.