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Only 50 minutes away from Buenos Aires city.

Each Argentine tradition tells a story about our country’s history and heritage. They point to the rich mixture of Latin American and European culture that forms our back-story.

Many estancias are ancient family homes that have only recently opened their doors to visitors.

A visit or a stay at an estancia will most likely be based around three things: food, including the obligatory ‘asado’ (barbeque) lunch; drink, including the traditional mate and wine; and horses.

The word “asado” refers to barbecue techniques and the social event itself. The tradition comes from the Argentine cowboys – or the gauchos – who are famous for their ability to cook with fire and whose diet was composed almost entirely of meat, supplemented with mate, the typical Argentinian infusion.

The natives and gauchos who lived here tamed and adopted the criollo horses for transportation and work with the cattle. The cross of the criollo horses and race horses, created the polo argentino breed.

We got hundred here and you will watch them in action and enjoy a ride, if you wish!

horse riding in estancia in Argentina

The Gaucho is a symbol of the argentine way of living, our culture, our roots.

We Invite you to discover and enjoy the traditions of the cowboys from the Pampa.


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