The ranch: the Gaucho's home

The ranch: the Gaucho home

The gaucho is a character with a spirit of freedom. A lover of nature and horseback riding in the Argentine pampas, he is not tied to anything. He used to pitch a tent with cowhide in any area he passed through.


The ranch, the gaucho’s home, was born as a requirement of the large cattle ranches and the saladeros who demanded that he settle down in order to be able to work.


The ranch was a small, square place. It was built with interwoven wicker rods, plastered with mud and protected with cowhide. The roof was made of straw, with a hole for the smoke to escape from the fire, and wood or cow skulls as seats.


For the gaucho, the rancho was a necessity for stability, and also a practical place to spend his leisure and rest hours.

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