argentine asado and the gauchos

Argentine asado and the gauchos

To talk about Argentine asado is to talk about the gauchos. The gauchos were the first hunters, and later breeders, of cows in Argentina.


They were the ones who began to kill cows for consumption, and inaugurated the tradition of the Argentine asado, which has been a ritual ever since.


The ritual of preparing the Argentine asado in the time of the gauchos was different from that of today. The gauchos roasted the meat in an upright position and ate standing up. Today we roast the meat on horizontal grills and eat sitting down.


The way of preparing the asado has changed, the meaning is always the same: to gather family or close friends under any pretext to spend time together, share experiences and feelings and create bonds that last a lifetime.


Part of the ritual is to see the asador drinking wine while cooking and never taking his eyes off the grill. Salad and chimichurri sauce are always present on the table to accompany the delicious Argentinian meat. And, of course, if the Argentine asado has been a success, we must ask for a round of applause for the asador.

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