The Gaucho as a Symbol

There are several characteristics that one can define to identify a gaucho.

One of them is by his clothing, the gaucho was dressed with “bombachas de campo”, wide pants to ride, poncho to keep warm from the cold, wool belt and another leather belt adorned with coins, high boots or espadrilles, shirt with vest and neckerchief, hat or beret, rebenque, and his traditional “facon“, a knife that served to defend himself, kill animals, leather, cut firewood, make crafts, among other things.

If one had to define the gaucho in three words they would be pride, loyalty, and bravery. The gaucho was a man of his word and respect, known for his solidarity and doing favors, and with an incredible ability to tame horses.

If one wanted to fully understand the gaucho, one simply had to read Martin Fierro, written by Jose Hernandez, a classic of gaucho literature.

If you are visiting Buenos Aires, you can’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the gaucho tradition, learn about their lifestyle, gastronomy, and customs.

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