Truco: the gaucho’s card game

Guachos were men of many hobbies. They were very common to find hanging out in pulperias, a rural place where they would socialize, get together to drink alcohol and play Truco: the gaucho’s card game. But how do you play this famous game?

Truco is a trick-taking card game originally from Valencia and the Balearic Islands, but extremely popular in South America and Italy. It is usually played using a Spanish deck. Two people may play, or two teams of two or three players each.

Truco is also the card game that relates the most to gaucho’s identity and Argentine culture. This game was played both in the city as well as in rural towns’ pulperias. Lots of Argentines play Truco, regardless of their social status and economic back ground.

Gauchos would spend a lot of their free time hanging out with their friends and other gauchos to play Truco, making this game a fundamental part of Argentina’s tradition and identity.

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