Horse: Gaucho’s best friend

Horse: Gaucho’s best friend

Gauchos in Argentina have a close relationship with plenty of animals. Horses are a gaucho’s number one best friend!

Gauchos and horses are inseparable elements. The one thing a gaucho can never miss is a loyal horse by his side. Gauchos are excellent skillfull riders! Horses make great company for a gaucho and also a very useful coworker. For gauchos, horses come in handy for travelling the long distances of the Argentine Pampas, managing large herds of animals like cows and sheep, for hunting in the countryside and even playing games like Corrida de Sortija!

For these activities any type of horse is perfect. But there is one particular breed that stands out: the Criollo. This horse breed is the most common one in South America and it has numerous qualities: its robust body perfect for working, an energetic personality, very agile legs and still an attitude calm enough that makes it a docile animal, easy to tame.

Such is the magnitude of this bond that today the Gaucho with his horse are still the most representative image of rural South America. All horses are a vital part of the gaucho community and Criollo Horses in particular have contributed a lot to the gaucho culture.

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January 12, 2023

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