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Connecting with Nature: Be a Gaucho

Being a Gaucho means being sensitive to connect with the environment and nature.


The Gaucho is a character of history rich in traditions, whose culture is far from the large cities. Caring for and using the area’s resources, using hunting, breeding and cooking techniques, which have been passed down from generation to generation, is part of their essence.


Their customs can be taken as gruff or wild, for those who haven’t lived in the depths of nature, and whose roots from their ancestors are far away, but for the Gaucho, they represent the centuries of life of their ancestors, their history and legacy.


Having a sense of community and family, caring for home and the bonds of brotherhood, enjoying now, countryside, dawn light, are some of the traditions of his way of life, which we can rescue for ourselves to understand that living today generates harmony.


In Buenos Aires, living the experience of Gaucho Day brings us that possibility, to enjoy a day surrounded by people to meet and connect with, in the middle of the Argentine pampas and enjoying a delicious mate and tortas fritas.

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