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What makes a Gaucho

Did you know that Gaucho is the name given to those who come from the plains, and not only in Argentina, but also in Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Chilean Patagonia. To live as a Gaucho means to connect with nature, in ways that would not be so common for a city dweller, but which is not impossible to achieve.


What makes a Gaucho, in terms of appearance, is a wide-brimmed hat, long-sleeved cotton shirts and loose-fitting pants called “bombachas”, cool enough for walking and working. They wear a silver belt and for boots they use the skin of the hind leg of a freshly killed foal. It is put over the foot and leg to dry in the shape of a boot. The Gaucho wears spurs and has a long knife hanging at his side, and if they are in areas with cold climates, they wear a fringed poncho which is a square of cloth with a hole for the head.


But being a Gaucho is not only about the clothes, but also about the sense of community, the connection with nature, and very old customs rooted from generation to generation, which are shared with us and even if we are not Gauchos by birth, they will make us feel like one. Asado, Mate, Horse Riding and more, are some of the things we can do that will make us feel like a Gaucho for a day.

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