jobs of the gaucho

The Different Jobs of the Gaucho

The Argentine gaucho knew how to have various jobs that made him recognized in history as an irreplaceable support for the development of Argentine agricultural activity. In today’s post we tell you some of those jobs that marked his past.

The tamer is a character that through a series of actions turns an indomitable and surly horse into a meek animal that allows it to be mounted and guided.

The tracker was a very respected and consulted gaucho, because of his ability to follow the tracks of a lost animal. This was useful to know the direction of an escapee from justice, to find a lost person in the vastness of the plain, it was a sure guarantee of finding what was sought.

The trooper is the name that receives in Argentina that character who is dedicated to driving on horseback, large troops, especially cattle and horses.

The baquiano is a serious and reserved man. Who knows deep plains, forests and mountains and although empirically trained, he is very wise.

The gaucho was a person with countless skills, he was a man who knew all about life in the countryside and the demands that work imposes in that scenario. He knew how to adapt to the needs that demanded a lot of vigor, cunning and austerity. These jobs and many others allowed him to demonstrate his special skills.


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