Returning to Gaucho Life

Many times, when we read comments about the gaucho lifestyle, they usually talk about:

  • His closeness to nature and outdoor spaces.
  • His habit of getting up early in the sun and falling asleep as soon as night falls.
  • His food based on the land, the plantation harvested and cooked by hand.
  • His coexistence with the family, the different tasks of the home, the care of animals and plants.
  • The relationship with the music of the moment, artistic expressions, readings, rituals, and beliefs.
  • And above all, his free time to spend in a pulperia, have a drink and enjoy some leisure time.

Nowadays, with these times, trends in sustainable lifestyle, life in the city and working hours, we find that:

  • The gaucho lived in relation to the environment as we try to do now.
  • We sleep little as we watch TV or tablets until late, while the gaucho fell asleep late at night.
  • Hand-made food is a pillar that is sought in new trends in healthy living, as the gauchos did as he cultivated and harvested.
  • The hours of work at times cause us to lose the hours of leisure that we need so much, while the gauchos spent hours of leisure in grocery stores.

So why not go back to the gaucho life?

At GauchoDay we wait for you outdoors, with an Argentine asado, ready to share a wine and spend a day of fun and relaxation. Let’s be gauchos again.

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