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The Gaucho: A Pride for Argentina

The Argentine tradition has its maximum symbol in the gaucho, archetype of our nationality for his innate virtues, for his courage, for his dexterity and for his indifference. There are experiences, traditions, customs, beliefs and modalities that give our gaucho a well-defined authenticity and that today are maintained among Argentines.

Usually, we conceive the gaucho with his characteristic clothing, according to the region in which he lives and according to his daily activity. Another symbol of our tradition that we cannot fail to mention is the guitar: with it the gaucho was accompanied in moments of celebration and rest. In turn, the gaucho had the horse as his faithful companion, this animal, a mute witness, but irreplaceable and faithful in his tasks and his wanderings throughout the country.

Finally, el mate: companion on his way and as an aperitif. The cart: made with the help of many gauchos’ hands. The lasso: thanks to the dexterity and skill of our country man, both for braiding and for wearing at rodeo stops.

We can affirm that the gaucho has not died, with tradition we actively cultivate the virtues and customs of the gaucho: the charm of native dances, the beauty of music, the tribute to traditional poets and painters and the love of songs with a very Argentine accent.

History has eloquently demonstrated that the moral virtues of the gaucho are the virtues that characterize the Argentine people and constitute the most typical features of their idiosyncrasy. These traits are the love of freedom, the spirit of hospitality, the concept and awareness of fidelity and solidarity. All this symbolism faced like this, broadly speaking, is pure and authentically Argentine folklore.

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