argentine asado

The Gaucho and the Asado

Whenever we talk about gauchos, we talk about asado. There is a simple reason for this: gauchos were hunters at first, and then started to raise cattle in Argentina. Over time, they went from just eating meat to mastering the art of an asado.

Asado is a big part of the Argentine culture, and this is thanks to gauchos. Whether you live in rural or urban areas, an asado has become part of our lives. While it is true that today’s ritual of asado may be somehow different from the traditional one that begun with the gauchos, its nature has not changed.

The key to an authentic Argentine asado is to use wood instead of coal. An asado consists of meat and achuras, which are organ meats and sausages such as chorizo and morcilla. Achuras are the first ones to be grilled and served, followed by the meat. Empanadas are another national favorite and they are traditionally served while the asado is being prepared.

While asado is an integral part the gaucho diet, it is also very much social. Its importance lies in bringing friends and families together, regardless of reason. An asado is the Argentine way of sharing and enjoying a good time.

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