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Myth about El Mate | Argentina Polo Day

Everyone in Argentina is going to say that they prepared the best mate, and they know how to make it.

But, there are a lot of myths around it, for example:

  • “The yerba mate powder does badly.” False. Leaf powder is one of the most virtuous components of this infusion, it gives it softness and foaminess. It makes the mates rich.
  • “Scraping the mate is right to uncover the straw.” It is not proven. So that the straw does not cover up, the best thing we can do is to squirt cold or warm water at the beginning of the mate, so the grass swells and in this state does not enter the straw.
  • “You can drink mate at more than 85 degrees of temperature.” Or “If the water is boiled, cool it with a jet of cold water.” Error. In this way the whole drink is ruined because when the water boils we take away the oxygen, and therefore the solvency power, which is what allows the herb to show all its flavors and aromas

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