The Gaucho and Argentine’s Culture

Argentina, a country with beauty and soul, is known for its excellent wines, its folk music and tango, also its delicious meats linked to the raising of cattle undisputed specialty of the gaucho.

In these experiences you can live the gaucho in all its dimensions, its ability and dexterity with horses, its nobility, warmth, kindness and its pride of living and feeling its land.

Originally a nomadic and cowboy rider of the Argentine pampas, recognized for his ability to hunt with wild cattle, hundreds of years of history, legends and ballads have helped define the cultural traditions of the gauchos, embedding his influence deeply in the Argentine cultural tradition . Because the gaucho played an important role as a gaucho soldier in the independence of Argentina, it is respected as a symbol that represents Argentina’s nationalist feelings.

Gauchos were, are and will continue to be proud qualified riders. For a gaucho, the horse is one of his most precious assets. Annual festivities throughout Argentina generally include gaucho demonstrations.

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