gaucho and horse

The Horse: An inseparable Companion of the Gaucho

The gaucho and his horse have been inseparable elements in the history of Argentina as many times the horse turned out to be the only heritage of the gaucho. You can imagine how important this animal was for this national hero, it was his best friend and his faithful companion in the good and bad [&...
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The Pulperia

The pulperia was the only possible meeting place for the Gaucho in the immensity and solitude of the pampas. There, as some gaucho poem indicates, people verified that they could continue talking, after days and sometimes months of not exchanging words....
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poncho gaucho

Ponchos in Argentina

Longer before the Spanish conquest, the local people from what later would known as Argentina made refined clothing with wool from tamed llamas to protect themselves from the cold weather. They used to cover the upper part of their bodies with what we call a poncho: a square or rectangular piece of ...
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