The Gaucho as a Symbol

There are several characteristics that one can define to identify a gaucho. One of them is by his clothing, the gaucho was dressed with “bombachas de campo”, wide pants to ride, poncho to keep warm from the cold, wool belt and another leather belt adorned with coins, high boots or espadr...
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gaucho’s clothing

Gaucho Clothing

The figure of the gaucho in Argentina is very important, it is an icon that represents the historical customs of the country, making it our culture. The gaucho was a very particular being and with several characteristics that made him unique, in today’s post we are going to tell you about one...
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poncho gaucho

Ponchos in Argentina

Longer before the Spanish conquest, the local people from what later would known as Argentina made refined clothing with wool from tamed llamas to protect themselves from the cold weather. They used to cover the upper part of their bodies with what we call a poncho: a square or rectangular piece of ...
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