Customs of the Gaucho

Customs of the Gaucho

Nowadays in the Pampas, you will still have the joy and wander to meet a Gaucho and Learn about the most authentic Argentine traditions.

The meals of the gaucho are: the roast, meat to the embers that often cooked with the leather, the empanadas, the locro, the humita, the arrope, the puchero with caracú. Never miss the mate and, if it is with fried cakes, better.

Today is the bar or store of the town, but formerly the meeting place was the pulpería, were taverns with the barred counter to avoid damages and losses in case of confrontations, which were motivated by debts, women or grudges generated by the excess of gin .

They entertain themselves with the taba (betting game where the cow bone is thrown), the duck, the square races, the ring, the rider and the cards.

Never missing the gaucho who walks with his guitar. He sings or recites some songs that, when another musician or payador joins, became a payada, a poetic bid where with wit and talent in the verse, he relates with humor or pain his experiences and feelings. The collection of gaucho poetry is very extensive.

The gaucho was marginal, but still he was seen with great respect, for being free, hard, for his extraordinary skill as a rider and being skillful with his hands, for his solidarity and his wit. Gauchesque poetry emerged from this admiration, its writers used the gaucho language, their sayings and their ideas.

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