jobs of the gaucho

The Different Jobs of the Gaucho

The Argentine gaucho knew how to have various jobs that made him recognized in history as an irreplaceable support for the development of Argentine agricultural activity. In today’s post we tell you some of those jobs that marked his past. The tamer is a character that through a series of acti...
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Returning to Gaucho Life

Many times, when we read comments about the gaucho lifestyle, they usually talk about: His closeness to nature and outdoor spaces. His habit of getting up early in the sun and falling asleep as soon as night falls. His food based on the land, the plantation harvested and cooked by hand. His coexiste...
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argentine gaucho

The Gaucho: A Pride for Argentina

The Argentine tradition has its maximum symbol in the gaucho, archetype of our nationality for his innate virtues, for his courage, for his dexterity and for his indifference. There are experiences, traditions, customs, beliefs and modalities that give our gaucho a well-defined authenticity and that...
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