Welcome to the most exclusive rural retreat in Buenos Aires

You enter an exclusive world of customized services, privileged offers and unmissable opportunities that make your countryside experience even more gratifying!

The estancia lends itself to relaxation and getting in touch with nature.

Ride through the Pampas on our well-mannered horses. Spend time watching the bird life, lay by the pool or take a bicycle along one of the many roads that surround the estancia

The choice is yours!

Polo is played in the estancia every day of the year, so you will also have the chance to discover the secrets of this exclusive sport during your stay.

You will taste and also learn how to cook the delicious argentine “asado”, different types of meat, empanadas, farm-to-tables salads, accompanied with premium wines in all meals.

We invite you to discover the authentic argentinian countryside at its best, only 50 minutes away from Buenos Aires city center.

You will have the best and most unforgettable experiences of our best Argentinian traditions!

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